Use the SMART Method to Set Achievable Goals for Your Finances

Deciding you want to save money for an emergency fund, retirement, or just for fun is great. Having a plan to get there is an entirely different thing. Use the SMART method to bridge the gap.

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Lighting is everything when it comes to Halloween. Flickering lights set in a dark room will get any kid’s imagination going. Here’s how to make any lamp lookhaunted.

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Class Up Your Nightstand With These Wooden Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

From afar, these Bluetooth speakers look like simple blocks of wood; perhaps some kind of minimalist IKEA decoration. Take a closer look though, and there’s a lot going on.

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Android: Your desktop’s webcam probably has a handy indicator to tell you when it’s on. Your phone does not. If you’re concerned about certain apps using your camera or microphone when you’re not aware of it, D-Vasive attempts to help keep you aware.

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Pitch Your Own Idea as Someone Else's for More Honest Feedback

Our friends and family sure are wonderful aren’t they? They encourage us and make us feel better even if we we’re doing something dumb. For getting feedback on our ideas, this is terrible.

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The Money Questions to Ask When Your First Baby is on the Way

You can’t prepare for every part of parenthood. But preparing yourself for the impact it will have on your budget can help reduce at least a little of the stress. Here are the money questions you should ask when your first baby is on the way.

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