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* Basically Multipathing is a fault-tolerance & performance enhancement technique where there will be more than one physical paths between the computer and its storage devices through the buses, controllers & switches. The product/software released by EMC for this purpose is EMC powerpath.

First of all to use this software it needs to be installed and it can be downloaded from powerlink website . Once it is installed and configured below are some of the commands for the administration purpose.

* When new luns are added, to check the newly added luns

#/etc/powermt display

#/etc/powermt display dev=all

If it does not recognizes then

#devfsadm % This takes the luns to OS control.

To Make the configuration changes

#/etc/powermt config

To save the changes

#/etc/powermt save

To see all the devices and the logical device ID’S of the disk

#/etc/powermt display dev=all | more

To remove Failed devices & all the old device entries

#/etc/powermt check

It shows the failed devices and asks whether to delete the failed ones. For example

Warning: xxxxxxx device path c25t7d6 is currently dead.

Do you want to remove it (y/n/a/q)? y enter.

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