No, not that one. This home screen design aims to bring some calm to your hectic home screen. It includes several minimal widgets and a neutral gray-based color scheme.

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Are you entitled to a free copy of Windows 10? There’s a flowchart for that. However, there’s no flowchart to tell you when you might actually get Microsoft’s new operating system. Officially, Windows 10 is coming July 29th, but not everyone will get it that day—now, says Microsoft, it will roll out in waves.

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If you’re not planning on having a barbecue this weekend (or you’re afraid of making some grilling mistakes ), these national food chains are offering some deals to celebrate our independence.

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Anyone with even a passing interest in cooking knows that All-Clad is the brand you want in your kitchen when it comes to skillets and pots. Made in America and carrying a lifetime warranty, you’d probably see their wares in the kitchens of most of your favorite restaurants. It’s also the single most popular piece of cookware we’ve ever listed.

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This scenario might sound familiar: you’ve packed up your cooler with beer and ice , you get to your picnic site, and you realize you forgot a bottle opener so you’re forced to improvise. You can easily avoid that scenario by attaching one to your cooler.

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Do you know which foods contain good cholesterol, and which contain bad cholesterol? If you think you do, ha! That’s a trick question! Cholesterol in our food doesn’t come in “good” and “bad” varieties, but cholesterol readings from blood tests do, and the two aren’t as closely connected as we used to think.

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