When you find yourself with a little extra cash, it’s hard to not immediately start thinking of all the stuff you want to buy. You’re better off saving that money or putting it to work, and a simple shift in perspective can help you do that.

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Foods are constantly getting labeled as “healthy” to help consumers make better dietary decisions, but that trend could actually be doing the opposite. A recent study suggests most people think of healthy food as less filling, so they consume greater portion sizes to make up for it.

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A lot of people refuse to try meditation because they don’t want to sit in silence for extended periods of time. Walking meditation let’s you enjoy all of the mental benefits while adding some physical benefits as well.

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One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a kid was carefully unwrapping old ornaments for their annual display on the tree. Of course, if you didn’t carefully store them last year, you might be greeted by a box of decorative broken glass. Luckily there are a few simple ways to keep them intact.

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Sorting your inbox is one of those necessary evils and while the default iOS Mail app doesn’t have a ton of options for doing so, it does have a few clever perks. OS X Daily points out that one of those the slightly hidden away attachments mailbox.

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If you really like chewing gum, Amazon will sell you several months’ worth for an extra 25% off today.

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