Category-wide sales on Amazon are few and far between, and this is one of the most wide-ranging discounts they’ve ever offered: Promo code HOLIDAY30 will take 30% off any physical book they sell, up to $10.

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The Empty Desktop

Aside from the time, battery level, and music in the lower left corner, you might think this is just a wallpaper, but it’s not—it’s Dan C’s desktop, and he likes it empty. Every time he sits down it’s a glorious fresh start. Here’s how he made it.

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Sharing Thanksgiving leftovers with your guests keeps the spirit of the holiday going, but can leave you without a lot of dishes. When you stock up on last minute groceries, grab a set of cheap containers to hand out leftovers in.

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We’ve show you how to make secret compartments around your home before, but what about in your clothing? This secret compartment tie can hide your cash and valuables, or help you sneak a drink into the club.

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There’s already a lot of evidence that coffee is good for certain aspects of your health , but a recent 30-year long study suggests it may actually help you avoid a premature death.

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The cagiest deals of Black Friday 2015 are back in stock, if you hurry. We’ve seen the Brother HL2380DW for $80 and the DCPL2540DW for $85 already this week, but they both disappeared within hours. At least for now though, they’ve available and ready to depose your awful Inkjet.

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The best part of Thanksgiving stuffing is the crispy outside. Chef Trae Basore from Pearl & Ash shows us how to get a bit more of that delicious crust.

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