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I belive in Angels

I belive in Angels

I belive in Angels, too!


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Hi all,

One of my txt file has common format like [1]. And I need to manually assign variable to “/a/b/c/file1/txt” , which has common text before “Calculated summary file:”.

I wonder if I can use some command to do that for me, that it read the file and check for that comonn text and assign…

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I run Fedora 17.

I created a physical volume of 30GB on a disk with 60GB of space so there is 30GB of free space. On the physical volume, I created my volume group and logical volumes. I assigned all the space in the physical volume to my volume group. I need to add the 30GB of free space…

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Hi All

I can’t get my head around a problem I have with a control file.

The file is to control a “Listener” of sorts that listens on a named pipe. A script kicks off the listener in the background and passes it a control file. In the file it sets the Status field to pending. It then waits…

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how we can split characters of a field? for example if we have a file such like below:


20120102 120352.5AM

i want to get out put like this:

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I am trying to remove a line like
Now i want to scan all…

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Im trying to make a vga program for linux Im wondering if anyone knows of a simple document on the subject or if someone could show me some basics. What system calls should I use what parameters should I give them. How do I draw a line of pixels green after in vga mode. I prefer nasm but I can use…

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